What socks to wear with boots

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What socks to wear with boots

Obviously, there is no one to one mapping or formula that can produce the best sock for the boots. These fashion related elements are mainly based on the requirement of the moment.

The factors that mainly determine the golden combination of socks and boots to be worn are the season, the theme of the meeting or gathering, availability and comfort.

Boots are really very useful, especially in winters. Nowadays boots are so stylish that people wear them in all possible scenarios like formal interviews, parties, and social gatherings. But the impact of the style statement could be amplified just by the addition of the perfect socks.

There are various types of boots and the perfect sock could be decided based on the type of the boot and occasion. In this case, the fabric doesn’t matter much. The only requirement is that it should be comfortable enough.

Heel Boots:

These boots are more general purpose and contain a tiny to moderate sized heel. These heels make the boot look classy. If the heel boot is glossy black then it adds a certain class to the owner.

The perfect sock that goes with these boots must not be much tall. The should be somewhere in between the ankle length sock and mid-calf. The color combination could be pretty easy to determine when it comes to these boots.

You can wear something really formal like black if you are going for a formal meeting. You can also go for a combination of Grey and black or royal blue or black if it a casual or social gathering.

Flat Zip boots:

These boots are relatively taller and their length could reach up to the knees. They hardly have any heels and are available in much of fancy colors as compared to the other boots.

Just by the look of it these boots are not generally worn at any serious or formal occasion and hence some fancy socks would be great. Wearing knee-length socks seems logical.

The texture that would look the best is some cool printing. That will definitely add a character and improve your look.

Pointed toe boots or suede ankle boots:

These boots are lesser formal as compared to the heel boots. They are also available in some more colors, but not as much as the flat zip boots. They are mainly used for some serious or casual social events.

In these case, some more colors of the socks like brown, blue and Grey becomes permissible given the color of the boots. There is also a fair choice if you want to choose mid-calf socks. They, in fact, look better than the ankle length ones.

Mid calf boots:

These boots are taller but not as much as the flat zip ones. These boots again project less serious emotions and more fun vibes as compared to the normal boots. They are available in the lot of colors that give the feel of party and celebration.

They could be mixed with some serious or formal look to create a perfect combination. They look the best with knee covering socks and that too with some very fine printing.

The fabric could be portraying a certain character or just an interesting design that goes best with your remaining look. There is more scope or experimentation and improvisation in this case.

Leather boots:

This is a general term and does not specify the shape or size of the boot. Selecting socks here becomes a bit difficult. The color matters a lot based on your remaining dressing more than the shoe itself.

However, leather projects a certain glossy shine so it feels more apt to not wear some dull color combination with it.


Believe it or not, a simple sock can bring perfection to your look. The amazing color combination completes your wardrobe. Choosing a wrong sock can mess up the whole get up and you can end up looking weird, inappropriate or even sometimes offensive.

This calls for extensive care while choosing the perfect sock for the day. There are various socks available in the market that are made for various scenarios and occasions. This creates a bigger list to choose from and some more room for experimentation.

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