Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew socks Review

Men's Socks Review

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew socks Review

The Athletic dressing has always been a challenging task for the designers. Merely for the fact that there is so much movement involved that causes so much friction and heat. With all these activities and responses comes the natural wear and tear. This demands a strong material that can withstand such harsh circumstances.

However, another factor when added to the equation makes it much more complicated and problematic: The comfort of the athlete. Obviously, the athlete must be given optimum comfort and traction for him to give his best on the D-day.

Fulfilling all these contradictory requirements requires a lot of innovation and experimentation. The creator of the Under Armour brand Kevin Plank is a great researcher. He has designed the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew socks that make the most of the resources available at hand to produce a reliable and high performing product.


It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes that make it the best fit for people of various foot size. Also, the activity level varies from a person to person. These socks perform the best in almost all these circumstances which are a humongous task to achieve.

They are available in Black, White, Red, Assorted, Grey, Navy, and Graphite. Under Armour has truly taken care of the product’s finishing in every single aspect.

The fabric of a sock is an essential part. It determines its robustness, quality, and the usage area. In this case, the sock contains 49% Polyester, 35% cotton, 14% Nylon and 2%Spandex.

This combination is pretty awesome since it contains a lot of cotton. It gives a great lot of comfort when engaged in rigorous activities like speed walking or running.

The cost of the product is really low. One pair is available for only $8. This amount goes further down if more pairs are purchased.

The general packaging or the standard packaging by the company comes with three pairs of athletic crew socks each featuring Armour dry fabrication and embedded arch support. These features are specially designed in these socks which make them unique.

It is really compact and lightweight when compared to other socks. It is just 1 X 3 X 6 inches and weighing just 1.6 ounces. These dimensions are kind of necessary when we actually see the use case of the product. A lot of innovation has been put on to reduce it to this value.


Imported fabric is the best quality. The feel of working while wearing them is really ineffable. The performance is no doubt the best amongst all the equivalent products available in the market. It really achieves what it promises, optimum performance, maximum comfort, and minimum loss.

The color combinations available are really great. They look the best in the most natural form. They compliment themselves which makes them complete all by themselves. It has been acknowledged as one of the best sports outfit available in the market and has a really long life.

Its special technique that saves it from the loss due to friction and over usage is taken care of. Every next day it appears that the socks have not been used much.


Maintenance is really very difficult. The quality of the fabric requires it to maintain really very carefully. These delicates might lose their magic if machine washed or even dried.

There is one more problem to the product. The audience which is served the best is very limited. The use case of the product also follows the same path. The product must be chosen by only those who perform lots of rigorous activities.


The usefulness of this sock is basically dependent. These are not designed for any kind of extreme weathers. So, wearing them as casual wears on a winter night could be a bad idea. They are less prone to wear and tear which is a good thing but it is not a unique feature when compared to the similar brands.

If your work includes a lot of rigorous activities like walking a lot and running, these pair of socks will suit you fine. The pricing of this product is very fair.

Based on the features it is providing the rate is pretty much feasible. They are made of the imported fabric which is really a bad news.

Although it is the good thing since the fabric will be amazing, the massive let down will be washing and maintaining after regular workouts. There are some design based advantages that make these socks really awesome.

The Arch support is the best. If you are an athlete or any other job that required rigorous work, this Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew socks is the best for you. This product is not as great for the people who are searching for warm socks for the season or just casual ones for their regular usage.

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