People Socks Unisex Review

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People Socks Unisex Review

People socks have introduced an amazing variant that helps them get an edge and audience over any other equivalent company. The unisex socks have such an interesting design that goes with the style statement of both men and women.

Yes, it is not only about the fitting and dimensions, it is also about the style and the taste of both the sexes. These unisex variants are eye-catching and comfortable enough for all types of jobs.

People Socks Unisex are available in wide range of colors and sizes, given the requirement and the wide range of probable audience. The company is so confident in its product that it is more than happy to give a full replacement on any product found defective.

It really targets the issues of smelly and stinking feet. It also helps maintain a healthy and warm environment for our feet.


The packaging and delivering strategy are great. You can buy one pair or two pairs for a much cheaper price. But the third option is really intriguing.

You can also buy a gift box that contains multiple pairs and of different designs. This is the ideal collection for winters at an affordable cost.

These unisex socks are available in various colors like Charcoal, Navy, Brown, Green, Brown, and Heather brown. The aforementioned gift boxes are available in two variants. One contains total 4 pairs of socks, subdivided into 2 pairs of charcoal black, 1 pair of Navy blue and 1 pair of brown.

Another box contains the same elements but for a different size. These boxes are mainly separated on the terms of foot size. What makes the socks best is the cloth. The cloth of the socks speaks for themselves.

These socks are made of 71% premium Australian yarn Merino wool and they are knitted in the USA itself. It fits the best with all shapes and sizes of the leg. From as small as 7-9.5 to 9.5-12. The size or color are just an element in the list.

The details also include the performance. One main factor that one must check before buying is the comfort factor. If you are not comfortable wearing them, they are of no use to you.

The reinforced toe and heel are the prime pillars making it awesome to use and really very comfortable. The socks available in the stores are of medium thickness. They have an average dimension of 6 X 4X 0.2 inches. Their total shipping weight is less than 8 ounces.


The “Unisex” Socks concept is really great. The fact they can be used by both men and women is simply awesome. The great style statement that follows automatically is the icing on the cake.

The regular and amazing discounts and offers are given by the company are really pocket-friendly and you can buy these very easily at a very affordable price. The Antimicrobial feature is just amazing.

Since there is a lot of walking and running includes the moist environment in the socks, it really damages the skin tissues. The chances for microbial infection also increases. This feature eliminates one such great threat to the skin.

The amount of wool involved in making the socks clearly suggests the effective heat generated by them. They will keep the feet warm even in the extreme cold scenarios.


Due to the sensitive fabric. It must be washed with care. Although the fabric feels nice, handling the delicates is always an overhead in everyday life. There is nothing better than rough and tough, machine washables.

But unfortunately, it is not the case in these socks. Delicate washing is followed by air drying or pilling. This is again a great overhead and more importantly an annoying one because they needed to be cleaned more often.

Again, these socks are not perfectly fit for all seasons. They were made keeping in mind the extreme cold condition and are a bit too warm in the summers. The higher amount of warmth by wool is just great for only one season.


This product is a bit costly as compared to the other similar products in the domain. But the price is completely justified by the features provided by the product.

There is more, the company’s offers make these socks even cheaper and an awesome top shelf drawer item. These socks are really very comfortable and stylish which makes these socks and must have in winter seasons.

They are available is more styles and shapes as compared to any other product in the domain. This increases the probability of fitting more likely even with people having really large and smelly feet.

Many more features like the antimicrobial protection and the soft fabric really adds to the appeal of the product. The People Socks Unisex is really worth its price and a must have for those who love to have dry feet at the end of the day.

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