Hanes Men’s Socks Review

Men's Socks Review

Hanes Men’s Socks Review

Hanes Men’s socks are a set of comfortable socks made for everyday use.  Markets have been filled with costly and targeted products. All these products are specially designed for special purposes, activities, seasons or people.

Here, Hanes Men’s socks are breaking all these boundaries to create socks that are so generalized that they could be used in everyday applications. These set of socks have more use case as compared to any other socks available in the market.

What makes it more appealing that the basic features of these socks are sometimes more appealing than the special ones available. These qualities make the Hanes Men’s socks really applicable in all parts of our life and the ease of integration is phenomenal. The broad range of sizes and color produces an amazing catalog to choose from.


The packaging and availability of these socks are really innovative. One purchases a whole pack of 10 pairs at a very cheaper rate. This technique is fair since these socks can be used in any season for any task. Having more at hand is not only cost effective but also optimum.

There are also other options available based on the requirements of the customer. For example, 970A10 Crew also known as the Hanes Men’s Value is made of cotton. They can buy as a set of 10 pairs and stretch up to a size of a full foot. 184V12 Crew socks also known as Hanes Men’s Cushion is also made up of cotton and available in a pack of 10 pairs.

They also have the size of a full foot. 184/6 Crew socks are basically same as 184V12 Crew with cotton fabric and the size of the full foot.

The only change is they are available in a pack of 6 pairs. 84/10 Crew is another great step towards awesomeness in the series. Also known as the Hanes Men’s ultimate these socks are made of Super soft cotton and are available in the size of Foot bottom.

This set is also available in the pack of 10 pairs. CL84 Crew tops the list. It also goes by the name of Hanes Men’s ultimate, but it has some major changes.

They are also made of super soft cotton and are available in the pack of 6 pairs. They have an added cooling technology also known as the Wicking. All these features have been included in various price ranges to ensure that people get the best in every price range.

The general dimension of the product is 1 X 1 X 1 inches and weighs about 1 pound. This makes them extremely easy and lightweight to use. The colors available in the series are White, Bold black and Bright white. The fabric of the sock contains 79% cotton, 16% polyester, and 3% rubber. Hence, the fabric is soft, comfortable and elastic.

They have a wide of fitting reputation. They go well for all sizes ranging within 6-12.

They are also available in the athletic zone where they contain special reinforcement when it comes to toes and heels. This is done to make the activity, even more, safer and smoother.


Because of being lightweight and smaller in dimensions they are very easy to use and work with while wearing them. They are machine washable and are hence really very easy to maintain. They could be bought in packs and are really affordable.

They are very widely usable and are not restricted to any season, person or activity. They are could also be used in athletic activities which are just an added advantage.


Only available for men. The wide range of audience is not included as they only make these for men.

Limited color choice. They come with a very limited range of colors, Black and White. Hence these socks cannot be used in a lot fancy way. But they could be used in a very normal and day to day purpose.

They don’t provide much heat. Since they use polyester instead of wool. The heat generated or encapsulated is not too much. It is just minimal, which is required. This drawback makes this product useless in extremely cold temperatures.


Hanes Men’s socks is small and lightweight which makes it really very easy to use regularly. If you are looking for socks to provide much heat, you are looking at a wrong place. There are better products available in the market.

These men’s socks are really great only for regular purposes. This is a great thing because this is one of the best products that provide regular socks with such great features for such affordable amount.

They are really very easy to maintain and reuse. Apart from the limited color options available, if you want something really general, this is the one product you must have.

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