Dickies Men’s 6 pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew socks Review

Men's Socks Review

Dickies Men’s 6 pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew socks Review

Sweating in the feet is a very natural phenomenon and a very well known problem. The socks companies know this very well. However, obvious it may sound, it is really difficult to deal with.

Finally, Dickies have come up with a solution that provides relief to the tissue of the feet. The solution at the socks level is pretty much obvious since it is the first layer that covers the foot. They are the one who encapsulates and create the heat that sweats up the foot.

Eliminating them at the socks level itself is analogous to curing the source of the problem itself. The best part of Dickies Men’s 6 pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew socks is that the foot remains dry and fresh even at the end of the day. They don’t cover the stinking smell, they eliminate it altogether.


The fabric of the cloth is really amazing, it is made up of 71% cotton, 27% Polyester, 1% Nylon and  1% spandex. This combination is the best-known combination of comfort and warmth.

These socks are available in colors Black, White, Grey and the combinations of the same. They are also available in wide range of sizes. They are best fit for feet of sizes from 6-10.They are really very easy to handle and maintain since they are machine washable.

These socks come at a fair price but it can be further reduced if bought in multiple pairs, or as they call it packs. These packs not only allow you to buy multiple colors but also makes the set cheaper.

The general dimension of the socks is about 1 X 1 X 1 inches and weighs about 1 pound. This really small and lightweight feature really sells the product and makes its general usability pretty much obvious.

Moisture control fibers:

This one feature simply sells the product great. These fibers are mainly responsible for keeping the foot dry at all times. They seem to work well for all the seasons and under all circumstances.

Ventilated breathing channel:

This ventilated breathing channel circulates air from the bottom. This avoids the fatigue due to suffocation and keeps the feet fresh at all times. They are also the best available product that comes with multiple solutions for keeping the feet dry.

Arch Compression:

This feature helps in keeping the foot in proper position even at times that require more physical activity. The fabric gives the best traction and grip.

Full cushion sole:

This feature is a great one as it makes sure that the comfort level of the bearer is always maintained. This feature is even emphasized in their athletic structure and they are even maintained pretty well in their regular series.

Reinforced Heel and toe:

This feature helps maintain a proper posture at all times. This effectively distributes the body weight and makes the feet much more comfortable when it comes to rigorous activities. They remain fresh for longer periods.

They are available in various pairs and colors: 12 pair Black and Grey, 12 pairs white and Grey, 18 pairs black Grey, 18 pairs white Grey and 5 pairs White Grey.


Really cheap. This product is available for very less price as compared to the features it provides. Also buying the product in packs makes it, even more, cheaper.

The imported fiber makes it much more comfortable and usable. This is one of the few products that have imported material and are still machine washable. This feature is a big plus. They don’t compromise the maintainability for the quality.

The dry feet feature and all the features related to the posture maintenance like Wide comfort band, Arch compression, Ventilated breathing channel, Stain resister sole, Moisture control fibers, full cushion sole, Reinforced toe and reinforced heel makes this product widely different from other socks.

The wide range of availability in various shapes and sizes is also another great set of options available to the buyers. They can be used regularly as and when required.


The color palette of the product is really weak. They don’t really provide many options as compared to the other sock companies.

The socks are again, more general purpose and fail in terms of providing much heat as compared to other dedicated socks available in the market.

The delivery options are not much reliable. The products delivered are sometimes not exactly as described.

The pack sizes are larger than any other pack sizes offered by other companies selling similar products.


All in all, this product is better than most of the general purpose socks available in the market. They make use of special techniques that provide amazing solutions to some core problems related to socks. They are a bit costlier but is a real value for money.

They are very easily maintainable and usable. So, if you want to spend a few more bucks for a much better product then the Dickies Men’s 6 pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew socks is the one have been looking for.

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