Carhartt Men’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks Review

Men's Socks Review

Carhartt Men’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks Review

Cold feet are the most common mind numbing scenarios in the winter season. Socks become the safe haven for our feet at such times. Wearing socks not only keeps our feet warm at such times but also protects our skin from drying and cracking.

Carhartt Men’s Extreme cold weather boot socks are an all in one solution to these problems. The fabric acts as a protective layer and keeps the heat intact. This same thing also saves the skin from losing any moisture without hurting the tissue.

All these factors make the Cold Weather boot socks easily adaptable, usable and reliable. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting or walking, for small scale jobs or long term these socks provide their optimum performance even in extreme circumstances.

However, they prove to be really effective when it comes to extreme cold weathers.


The fabric it is made of is so soft that it never compromises the comfort of the feet. This comfort even holds when you wear boots for longer hours. This heavyweight sock is well cushioned on all the sides to accomplish this level of comfort.

The fabric contains 70% acrylic, 15% wool, 15% Nylon and 1% Lycra Spandex. These ratios are the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.  Most of the acrylic forms the padding which ensures a long life as well as comfort.

It is available in various colors like Blackheather, navy, brown and moss. These rich colors compliment almost all the color combinations.

The life of the product is longer as compared to other socks available in the market. This product has a great edge over the other similar products available. It is very light ~1 pound, with dimensions of 11 X 6 X 1.


It is very effective in fighting odors. The foot tends to sweat a lot, but with advance, quick dry technology the socks manages to keep itself dry even during long sweating hours.

These socks tend to remain fresh even after prolonged usage. The fabric is really plausible when it comes to giving optimum comfort and heat encapsulation. The quick dry technology makes this sock dry quickly and makes it healthy for the skin.

The odor is also eliminated automatically by this technology. This quality makes the sock a one-stop solution to all the major problems that we encounter while wearing them.

The fabric is really effective when it comes to keeping feet warm. It is available in wide range of colors and sizes. So it fits the best while maintaining the style statement.

Comfort is taken care of at two different levels: The fabric itself is soft and the padding made at almost all the joints really gives a freedom of movement and comfort.

Cleaning and maintenance of these socks are really very easy. They are machine washable, which makes them easy to clean, dry and use.  Price exemption is available if more pairs are purchased. For a purchase greater than $49, the pairs could also be returned to the company for a 100% cash back.


It is relatively costlier as compared to the ordinary pair of sock available in the market. It has a general design that makes it usable, but it is designed keeping in mind the extreme cold. So these socks are not that usable in other seasons.

In summer, they can make the foot tired by making them too warm and uncomfortable. The extra sole protection demands that you wear these socks with comfortable shoes only. Hence, restricting the choice of footwear.

The lack of general purpose makes this sock usable only for the winter season. This is a massive letdown since people might want to use it more if they have spent a whole lot of money buying it.


This is one of the best products if you want to use in winters. But when the season is over they must be packed in bags for another 10 months.

This sock is really made with great care and has a longer life and is not prone to general wear and tear. The long life of the sock ensures that the money spent will buy you comfort for many winters. These socks are not general purpose.

The pricing is relatively fair when compared to the features provided by the socks. The quality of the fabric and the design quality justifies the amount to be paid.

But all in all, the Carhartt Men’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks is a great long term investment. From the bird’s eye view of the product, the pros definitely overcome the cons, making this product a great buy for the customers. Especially when there is extreme cold, this product is a boon.

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