Best Men’s Socks

Best Mens Socks

Socks are one great piece of fabric. It not only keeps the foot warm, dry and comfortable but also adds special elegance and character to our style statement. Hence socks must be chosen with great care as they might improve or degrade the complete getup.

Socks are available in various length, fabrics, and colors. All these factors determine which socks must be worn with which wardrobe and at what occasions.

There is however much innovation in the industry and people are down to experimentation. But these are some combinations that have been verified to be effective right at the core. There is so much more to them that the ever increasing demand is highly justified.

Companies have diverted their attention towards the health issues of the foot as well. Hence, the upcoming socks are much more than just a piece of clothing, they are the technology that integrates with the style statement seamlessly.

With the companies competing to dominate the market with their lots and lots of features, one must take care that every other feature which is superfluous to the current requirements must be discarded. It will only create confusion and make the choice even harder or even worse, wrong.

Buying guide – how to choose the perfect socks

As said earlier, every pair of socks have their fair share of pros and cons. Trying to find an all perfect sock is just a waste of time. Even more, than that, every sock has its use case scenario where it fits the best and works like a charm.

One must use its own intellect and fashion sense to determine the need of the moment and make a decision. Analyze the situation and come up with some parameters of the basic features like length, color, texture, occasion, usage, budget, fabric etc.

The only lookout for these features and ignore everything else. In this manner, you would stop yourself from getting distracted or confused by the remaining socks.

The other ones might seem tempting which might be hard to resist but you also might end up buying one you don’t need at all. Men’s dressing is thought of as very much restricted but it is not true. Feel free to experiment with various prints and color combinations that are available in the market.

Make sure that the entire wardrobe synchronizes with itself and the theme and emotion of the place. The biggest factor to include is a comfort. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing what you feel as stylish or decent. The character will speak for itself.





   Dickies Men’s 6-Pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew socks  $$$  4.3/5
  Hanes Men’s 10 pack crew socks  $$  4.4/5
  Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks $  4.3/5
  People Socks Unisex Antimicrobial Crew Socks  $$$  4.6/5
  Carhartt Men’s Extremely Cold Weather Boot Socks  $$  4.6/5
   Fruit Of The Loom Men’s Ankle Crew Socks  $  4.3/5
   Gildan Work Basics Men’s Crew Athletic Socks  $  4.3/5
   Cariloha Men’s Bamboo Crew Sock  $$  4.4/5
   Yonovo Fabric Men’s Pure Cotton Thermal Socks $$  5/5
   DoSmart Men’s Wool Winter Warm Socks  $$  5/5

Dickies Men’s 6-Pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew socks

Dickies are one of the most innovating companies, especially when it comes to men’s socks. It has notched up the competition to a whole new level by thinking about the socks and re-engineering the design at an atomic level.

They have addressed many common issues related to the socks and have come up with many innovative and effective solutions for the same. The use case scenario of the socks is wider than any other sock in the domain which gives Dickies an edge over its competitors. They primarily target the regular users and these people form their primary market.


The fabric used is imported is guaranteed to provide comfort. It contains 71% cotton, 27% polyester, 1% Nylon and 1% Spandex. The product is completely machine washable and doesn’t really need delicate handling. It has some amazing features like Wide comfort band, Arch compression,

Ventilated breathing channel, Reinforced toe, Stain Resister Sole, Full cushion sole and Reinforced Heel. They are available in packs of 12 pairs, 18 pairs and 5 pairs in various combinations of black, white and gray. Each pair weighs around 1 pound ensuring lightweight for longer usage.


Various cooling, ventilating and comforting features in the socks take care of the feet in a very optimum way. There is no need for delicate handling which makes the product really easy to maintain or a daily basis. The fiber is really smooth and comfortable.

This product doesn’t compensate maintainability with comfort. The fabric is imported yet machine washable. This is an amazing accomplishment for the Dickies. The higher amount of cotton in the socks ensures dryer skin and proper ventilation.


Some pack sizes are too large. Some of these pack sizes unnecessary and are really not affordable. The options available in color choices is a bit less. They are more general purpose and don’t perform well in extreme environments.


This product is one of the most innovated solutions of all time in the sock industry. They have taken extreme care while designing the use case.

All the circumstances in which the socks could be used and the possible solutions to all of them are taken care of. If you are used to wearing socks almost every day then these socks are really affordable and hassle free.

Hanes Men’s 10 pack crew socks

Where all the companies were focusing on features for their brand endorsements. Hanes came up with something really very basic yet effective enough to win the market. Easily usable and reusable general socks.

They came up with a simple concept of no special, only cool and usable. Turns out, it was exactly what people were looking for. Hanes men socks are the cheapest but truly worth the money.


Available colors of white and black. The fabric contains 79% cotton, 16% polyester, 3% Rubber and 2% of other fibers. These socks are extremely lightweight and machine washable. They have no issue in fitting.

They come in all sizes from 6-12 inches. They generally come in a pack of 10 pairs. There are various versions of the Hanes socks available. They are 970A10 Crew, 184V12 Crew, 184/6 Crew, 84/10 Crew and CL84 Crew.

All these versions mainly differ in pack sizes and the color. Some of these also come with a cooling technology for added comfort. The technique is called Wicking.


Really affordable pricing. A single unit might cost more, but the packs are really affordable. They can be easily maintained as they are machine washable.

They also have the athletic version of their socks for the people who perform rigorous work. They are more immune to the wear and tear due to friction.

Also, these socks are less warmer and more ventilated since it is very easy to suffocate the feet. Their color scheme is general enough to suit every wardrobe combination.


Color choice spectrum is not really great. They are not the best in series for providing core warmth in the extreme winter season. They are only meant for the regular use. Not stylish enough to be worn in casual parties or social gatherings.


This product is the best regular socks available in the market. They are the cheapest as well as relatively easier to maintain. They cannot be used in any special or extreme weathers.

They don’t have much design options available and hence fit the best in any day to day use. The comfort level in the socks is just amazing.  You can wear them for casual or formal occasions, but it is not much recommended.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks

These are a great pair of crew socks made by keeping in mind the athlete’s requirements and scenarios. The company mainly focuses on innovation and constantly strives to improve its product. The CEO of the company Kevin Plank is highly motivated by innovation and believes in bringing the best product at the best possible price.

They specialize in the sports genre. They take constant feedback from their customers and try to focus on the comfort, usability, and durability of the product.


These fabrics are made keeping in mind an athlete’s requirements. They come in a variety of color combinations like Black, White, Red Assorted, Red, Grey, Navy, and Graphite. They are shipped in a pack of three pairs. The fabric contains 49% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 14% Nylon and 2% Spandex.

Each pair of socks is equipped with advanced cooling and comforting technology. These technologies include AmourDry fabrication and embedded arch support. Each pair weighs around 1.6 ounces and the general dimensions of the product are around 1 X 3 X 6 inches.


Since this product was made by keeping in mind a set of rigorous activities, these socks are lighter than all the products available in the market. They are really easy to wash and dry, which makes them really easy to maintain. The color combinations it is available are really great and look awesome together.

There are multiple styles to choose from. They are very much affordable and this price goes further down if bought in packs. The amount charged is truly reasonable as compared to the features provided by the product.

These socks are highly resistant to the wear and tears due to higher activities which increase their life. The ArmourDry technology used in making the socks keep the feet dry and fresh at all times.

Also, the posture of the feet is equally important. Embedded arch support makes sure that the feet rest comfortably within.


These socks are not meant for extreme weathers just like all the regular socks in the same category. They are made for only the athletes and people who perform rigorous physical work. People who don’t fit in will be spending a lot for buying the features they won’t need.


For the people who engage in athletic activities, this sock is a great technology. People who need just a regular sock for their day to day life will feel that they have paid a lot of money to buy features, they hardly use.

People Socks Unisex Antimicrobial Crew Socks

People socks came up with a brilliant concept that somehow tipped the scales in their favor. The Unisex socks. While some believe that the fashion trends, choices and clothing sense for men and women vary widely such that there could never be a nexus.

This is the right answer. It is a pair of socks that everyone can like and use. It is so generalized that it can go with any kind of dressing sense. They are beautiful and colorful enough not to grab the entire attention but to promote the attire.


It provides amazing heat with its 71% premium Australian Merino Wool which is knitted in the USA. The fabric is very sensitive and is not machine washable. It must be air dried. It is available for a wide range of sizes and colors. It fits everyone in the size range of 7-12 inches.

The entire product is very lightweight and weighs around just 2 ounces. The general dimensions of the product are 6 x 4 x 0.2. It is available in packs which are combinations of various colors and sizes like:


Since it is unisex, it covers a lot of markets and the product is also fine enough. The heat provided by the merino wool is without a doubt, amazing. The size distribution is general enough to easily find a good fit in the favorite color combination.

The color palette is also diverse making sure that you will find a perfect combination. The pairs individually cost high but the boxes (packs of packs) makes it really diverse and cheaper. The Antimicrobial feature keeps the feet healthy and safe.


The merino wool is really difficult to maintain and handle. Although the socks are really very comfortable, the overhead of using them is pretty high. Also, they tend to produce a lot of heat, this restricts their general usage. They work the best in extreme winters. They are more likely to get damaged.


Merino wool socks are generally very costly because of the wool itself. Comparatively, these socks are much cheaper. Again, purchasing in packs makes them cheaper. These socks are very comfortable and provide amazing heat. They need great care and are difficult to maintain.

The color choices are also restricted, but they serve their purpose pretty efficiently. The antimicrobial feature is a boon for the feet skin tissue and a great step towards innovating safer socks.

Carhartt Men’s Extremely Cold Weather Boot Socks

These socks are much more focused towards their operation. Since the season is approaching and it is getting colder. Carhartt Men’s socks are one great way to relieve the feet of the painful cold.

There are various variants available in the model, but the base design and motives are pretty similar. They are meant to protect from extreme cold weather. They are one of the most effective product when it comes to providing heat.


The fiber of the socks is made up of  70% acrylic, 15%wool, 14% Nylon and 1% Lycra spandex. They are available in a variety of colors like  Blackheath, Navy, brown and moss. They can be machine washed and dried which makes it very easy to maintain them.

They have various technologies integrated to provide the best experience. These technologies and techniques include FastDry for sweat, proper cushioning for warmth, reinforcement sole for comfort, ankle vents to avoid suffocation and odor control for skin tissue protection. The general dimensions of the product are around 11 x 6 x 1 inches and it weighs around 1 pound.


They are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. They provide the best heat and comfort in extreme cold weathers. They are really very easy to maintain and use on a daily basis. So the usage overhead is minimal.

The FastDry technology keeps the feet dry even during warmer temperatures and a higher level of activities. The cushion makes sure that the feet remain warm even during extreme cold weathers. The ankle vents avoid suffocation of the skin.

Reinforcement sole makes sure the feet rests comfortably within. Odor control is a great feature that makes the feet smell good even at the end of the day.


These socks are relatively more costly as compared to other extreme weather socks. They are relatively heavier. This is a necessary devil that these socks must have. They cannot be used for general occasions and places at any time.

They have a very limited temperature zone to serve the best. Beyond which the heat at the feet becomes pretty high and makes you uncomfortable.


As the brand endorses it, these are the extreme cold weather socks. They had to cut off a lot of features to provide that leisure. These are costly but very effective, safe, healthy and comfortable. They definitely are the best when it comes to extreme temperatures.

Final Verdict

There are no best socks in the world that you can buy and possess. There are various types of socks and they definitely serve some purpose extremely well and fail terribly at a few. So, there should be the variety of socks in the wardrobe to function comfortably as and when required.

If you just want to have a regular homespun socks that are cheap and best fit the regular usage then Hanes Men’s crew socks are the best thing. But if you are looking for something to wear at home at a chilly night then go for Carhartt Men’s extremely cold weather socks.

If you want regular socks and are very physically active, then Under Armour Men’s HeatGear crew socks might serve you the best.

If you are physically active but want something warmer, then somewhat less robust but still effective enough Dickies Men’s socks is what you are looking for. If you are really attracted towards the color and are a ‘fashionista’, then People’s Unisex socks collection might have something cool to offer you.

That being said, make sure you strike off all the elements in the list that include requirement, comfort, color and budget before buying these socks. Also, most of these socks are really easy to maintain so the overhead is really reduced.